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The Benetton Human Performance Centre (HPC Super Gym) at Enstone in Oxfordshire have been using BATAK equipment now for over 18 months to test, compare and optimise the performance of their F1 Drivers and other prestigious clients such as mountain bikers, around the World Yachtsmen and athletes.

Working with the HPC Manager Bernie Shrosbree we have developed a special peripheral vision program testing facility on BATAK Pro used only by Benetton which has proved highly successful for its intended purpose.

What is Peripheral vision?

The back of your eye - the Retina - is made up of two types of light sensors - rods and cones, only the cones being colour sensitive. Unfortunately, these rods and cones are not evenly clustered and fall off at the edges or periphery of the Retina, especially the colour sensing ones - the cones. The consequences of this are simply that it becomes difficult to resolve images and shapes and colour from the corners of your eyes.

It is possible, however, to detect flickering light or changing light via peripheral vision and this is of course very important from the Sporting point of view...to see this for yourself, turn your head so that you are looking indirectly at an ordinary fluorescent light, you can often see the 100 cycle flicker from the corners of your eye.


Modulation of fluorescent light: flicker rate and light source effects on visual performance and visual comfort

American Optometric Association










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