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Eight Schools took part in a six week 'BATAKATHON' competition to win a BATAK machine, the event being sponsored by EUROBELL a local Cable TV company. It was a tremendous success with the Final being held at Crawley Leisure Centre and attended by over three hundred people.

The 'BATAKATHON' event was widely publicised in the local press and received excellent reviews from everyone involved.

The video clip below shows BATAK being played by pupils of St Francis school in the U.K.

It is our intention to introduce 'IT RECREATION' into Schools by using BATAK Pro as a means to interest children in both Programming and Keeping Fit.


The machine is also useful for mental arithmetic and mind games such as 'Simple Simon' and is helpful with work involving dyslexia.

ST FRANCIS Middle School

"The popularity has been tremendous. Pupils arrived at 8.15am to practice, and then stayed on at the after school club until 6pm! Everyone who has come into contact with it has loved it."


"BATAK was so popular that we had to be thrown out of the hall because no-one was eating their food."

NORTHGATE Middle School

"The kids really love it - there aren't enough hours in the day to give them all practice. We are organising sponsored BATAK evenings this week to raise cash for the re-design of our playground."

ST MARGARET'S Middle School

Head teacher Trevor Murdoch said: "It could be a great way of learning maths by calling out sums and touching the correct number to score a point. The same also with language, with words on the buttons."










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