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Dr. Gail Stephenson, an Orthoptist Scientist working with the Manchester United Football Club, has been using BATAK for over 12 months in her work program and has been responsible for a number of very important and well publicised improvements in the vision field for this club - not least in being responsible for changing the colour of the teams kit to enable player's to stand out more clearly against the background.

What is Orthoptics?

The word orthoptics means 'straight eyes' and Orthoptics is teaching an individual to obtain the best possible use of both eyes together. It is a process of re-educating a person to use the two eyes more comfortably and skillfully. Since orthoptics is mainly a training process, orthoptics are chiefly concerned in helping to establish a new sensory pathway that will effect the accurate usage of the two eyes.

Baseball teams, Football players and Competing Athletes use Orthoptists extensively in the U.S.A. and there are a large number of academic programs curently running aiming to improve Human Performance using this Science.


ONA Specialized Health Care Profession in Ophthalmology











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