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"I just wanted to say the BATAK machine was an absolute pleasure to use. Very easy to set up, and we had no problems with it at any point throughout the week.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the BATAK for other events. It was so much fun and really lifted the atmosphere at night.

The competition was extremely popular as you would imagine, the daily prize being 2 VIP tickets to the Champions League Final!

There are some photos of the activity at:

Hayley Rosenthal (Project Manager)

"BATAK is excellent for developing faster reactions and improving body co-ordination for players of all ages and abilities. Our young players have shown up to a measured 25% improvement in reaction time."

T. Smith, LTA National fitness coach, Bisham Abbey

"BATAK has proved both enormously useful and popular in our recruitment training. Please do not hesitate to quote my satisfaction with BATAK."

Inspector P. Hodkinson, Hendon Police College

"The popularity has been tremendous. Pupils arrived at 8.15am to practice, and then stayed on at the after school club until 6pm! Everyone who has come into contact with it has loved it."

ST FRANCIS Middle School

"BATAK was so popular that we had to be thrown out of the hall because no-one was eating their food."


"The kids really love it - there aren't enough hours in the day to give them all practice. We are organising sponsored BATAK evenings this week to raise cash for the re-design of our playground."

NORTHGATE Middle School

Head teacher Trevor Murdoch said: "It could be a great way of learning maths by calling out sums and touching the correct number to score a point. The same also with language, with words on the buttons."

ST MARGARET'S Middle School