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Featured in Haynes Publishing Book of the Year 'Fit for Motorsport' by Dr. Raj Jutley with Foreword by Professor Sid Watkins, the Medical Director of Formula One.

BATAK Pro was featured at the Autosport Show held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham (January 2003) with a challenge to beat a top score of 114 attained by Jenson Button at the 'Renault Formula One SuperGym' in Oxfordshire ...

...Nobody did!

Peak fitness is a prerequisite for that competitive edge and top motorsport teams employ all known techniques to hone their skills including the use of medics, dieticians and often very specialised personnel including Army experts.

In his book Raj offers expert information on all aspects of physical and mental fitness with chapters on stamina, diet training, suppleness spirit, co-ordination and weight
loss to name but a few.

As 'Prof' Watkins says in his Foreword: 'The book, though primarily written to improve motorsport performance, is pertinent to many sports and activities and, indeed, to ordinary daily living.'

Dr. David Nelson worked in collaboration with Bernie Shrosbree, the Human Performance Manager for Renault Formula One, to develop appropriate software and accessories to use on BATAK Pro for reaction speed testing and co-ordination.










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